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Is Humanism good enough?

I’ve had some great conversations since my first article on Sentientism was published in Areo.  As a reminder, Sentientism is an ethical philosophy or worldview that applies evidence and reason […]

A Unifying Morality? How is Sentientism Different?

Sentientism is a worldview that commits to using evidence and reason and extends moral consideration to all sentient beings. What I want to do in the article below is to compare Sentientism with […]

In a Sentientist World – What Disappears?

Sentientism is a worldview that commits to using evidence, applying reason and granting degrees of moral consideration to all sentient beings. While it is a simple philosophy, Sentientism has far reaching implications. Read on!
More – a new Sentientism Community is bringing letter writing into the digital age. It’s a platform for thoughtful, public, two-way conversations without the noise and distractions of social media. Thanks to the Letter team […]

Animal Liberation and Atheism – Kim Socha

Too few researchers, thinkers and writers have focused on the links between atheism and animal ethics. The video below and this Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! podcast episode summarise the thinking […]

Interview with Open For Animals

In March 2019 I was interviewed by Beornn McCarthy of Open For Animals about sentientism. You can read the interview here. Let me know what you think.
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Latest work

Head shot of Iyan Offor looking towards the camera.

“Law is a reflection of the people that make it” – Dr. Iyan Offor – Sentientism Ep:174

Dr Iyan Offor is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Birmingham City University. A conversation about Sentientism - and what's real, who matters and how we can make a better world.

Can Humanists and Atheists Break Free From Human Supremacism?

Sentientism, humanism and atheism (generally speaking) share a naturalistic worldview that uses evidence and reason to ground our beliefs and credences. But can humanism and atheism break free from human supremacism?

“We gotta make friends… that’s the path to liberation” – DxE’s Matt Johnson – Sentientism Episode 129

Matt is Press Coordinator and an investigator for Direct Action Everywhere (DxE). On Sentientism we discuss "what's real?", "who matters?" and "how can we make a better world?"

Knowing Animals and Vegan FTA! – talking about Sentientism

I had the honour of talking about Sentientism recently on the Knowing Animals podcast and on Vegan FTA (For The Animals)' YouTube livestream!

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