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Dilemma HangOut – Conversation with Jay Shapiro

A wide ranging “Dilemma Hangout” conversation covering many aspects of Sentientism and its potential implications. Jay signs up as a Sentientist towards the end – although he probably was at the beginning too. He might even appear on our “Wall of Sentientists” soon.

Jay has since written this piece, “Two Burgers on a Plate: When the Only Difference is Death“, partly inspired by our conversation. It’s a fascinating exploration, even within a sentientist context, of the particular capabilities and responsibilities of humans.

Jay is a film director (e.g. “Islam and the Future of Tolerance“), podcast and panel host and author. You can find more of his work at WhatJayThinks.

As ever, we’d love to hear what you think. You can find Jay and Jamie here on Twitter.

Dilemma Hangout with Jay Shapiro and Jamie Woodhouse – Sentientism
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