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Sentientist Conversations: Dr. Joe Wills

In this Sentientist Conversation I talk to Law and Rights Lecturer and Author, Dr. Joe Wills. We talk about what’s real and what matters morally. “We have a golden opportunity to re-imagine our relationships with non-human animals.”

Podcast Alert: Future Based!

Annika van den Born from Future Based and I discuss how naturalism and sentiocentrism come together in Sentientism. We discuss how “higher power” systems of thinking tend to warp compassionate ethics. We talk about the risks of environmental movements extending their moral circles too far (biocentrism, ecocentrism or holism) while often ignoring sentient non-human animals. We also talk about what a Sentientist utopia might look and how we might move towards it.

Sentientist Conversations: Bestselling Author AJ Jacobs

New York Times bestselling (4 times!) author and journalist AJ Jacobs experiments on himself to help us all learn. In this Sentientist Conversation he talks with Jamie about what he believes, what matters morally, and how his writing projects link to Sentientism’s tenets of evidence, reason and universal compassion.

Sentientist Conversations: Actress Carole Raphaelle Davis

Actress, singer/song-writer, author and activist Carole Raphaelle Davis talks to Jamie about Sentientism, what she believes and what matters morally. From the Sentientist Conversation series.

The Bridge

I loved this conversation with fellow Sentientist John Lamberton on his pod/vidcast the Bridge. Most of our discussion is about my personal views so “many Sentientists will disagree”…

Fish Sentience! Free, online talk for the Sentientist community – 19 Nov!

Maddy and Klara from The Humane League UK have kindly organised this free, online talk about fish sentience for the Sentientist community. Everyone is welcome to join though! Sign up […]

Sentientist Conversations: Carole Raphaelle Davis (New Video!)

In this video, Jamie talks to actress, singer/song-writer, author and activist Carole Raphaelle Davis about Sentientism, what she believes and what matters morally.

Sentientism @ “Future Design” and “Ask a Philosopher”

I’ve had two fascinating discussions about Sentientism recently, one with the Future Design Podcast and the other on the “Ask A Philosopher” virtual spin out from an event usually held at Burning Man.

Ask A Philosopher – Open Q&A on Sentientism

Video of an open Q&A session about Sentientism and whether morality should be grounded or emerge from negotiated consensus (or both)

Normalising rationality and compassion – Help us find Celebrity Sentientists!

I’m not a fan of celebrity worship, but well-known people can play an important role in normalising positive changes. They can help chip away at the mental block that so […]

Latest work

Head and shoulders shot of Tobias Baumann smiling towards the camera. Wearing glasses and a blue shirt.

S-Risks with Tobias Baumann – “Avoiding the Worst… a moral catastrophe” – Sentientism Ep:180

Tobias Baumann co-founded the Center for Reducing Suffering. A Sentientism conversation about what matters, who matters and how to avoid S-Risk moral catastrophes.

“Rationality comes with responsibility” – Kathy Hessler – Sentientism Episode 136

An interview with Kathy Hessler about "what's real?", "who matters?" and "how can we make a better world?" Kathy is Assistant Dean, Animal Legal Education at George Washington University Law School and Director of the Animal Legal Education Initiative. Sentientism is "evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings".

“The Creative Lives of Animals” – Author Carol Gigliotti – Sentientism Episode 135

Carol is the author of "The Creative Lives of Animals". A Sentientist conversation about "evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings".

“It just started to not make sense” ObjectivelyDan – Host of “Truth Wanted” Sentientism Episode 134

ObjectivelyDan is the host of the call-in show "Truth Wanted". A Sentientist conversation about "evidence, reason and compassion".

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