Sentientism – Raising Awareness

If you think Sentientism is important and would like to help raise awareness of the idea – here are some suggestions of things you can do to help.

This list focuses on tactical awareness raising. We’ll add more to our “How” page about the existing and maybe new campaigns that align with Sentientism. Why not come and join one of our community groups and join or start a conversation about what more we can do.



Web and Mail

  • Add yourself to our “Wall of Sentientists”
  • Sign up for email updates from
  • Let me know (use the contact form in the sidebar) if you’d like to be added to my offline email updates on the Sentientist movement
  • Write blog articles on your own site about Sentientist topics
  • If you don’t have a web-site – why not set one up and talk about Sentientism?


  • Sign up to Twitter if you’re not on it. It’s a great place for public conversation once you’ve learned how to deal with the noise
  • Add #Sentientist to your bio if the term feels like it fits + follow back others who use it
  • Follow our @Sentientism account and click on the bell button to get notifications of new tweets
  • Subscribe to our list of Sentientists and and our “Sentientist in bio” list and follow some of the other sentientists you find there
  • Add alerts to some of these accounts so you see when they tweet (triple dot menu or bell button, then turn on notifications)
  • Like and re-tweet posts about Sentientism (look for the #sentientism and #sentientist hash tags)
  • Post your own thoughts about Sentientism – tweets, blogs, articles, links to our Sub-Reddit, Facebook group, Wikipedia page, Instagram
  • Connect with philosophers / academics / VIPs / celebs / activists you follow and talk to them about Sentientism to see if they’ll help spread the word or be a guest on Sentientist Conversations
  • Let me know your Twitter handle if you’d like to be added to our Sentientists lists on Twitter.


  • Like the Sentientism Page (Public)
  • Join the Sentientism Group (Private) and change your notification settings so you’re told about new posts
  • Start or join in with the group discussions
  • Talk about Sentientism in related groups and threads, invite others to join our groups.


  • Search for, read and like articles on Sentientism
  • Follow authors that write about Sentientism (like me)
  • Write your own articles on Sentientism.


  • Join our Sentientism Sub-Reddit
  • Up/downvote stuff
  • Add your own links and content
  • Join the Sentientism sub-reddit chatroom
  • Talk about Sentientism in related groups and threads, invite others to join our groups.





  • Contact your political representatives (local, regional, national, international), companies, NGOs to ask them to adopt policies inspired by Sentientism.  More on our “How” pages.

Local Groups

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