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Beyond Species Interview

A fascinating Beyond Species podcast conversation focused on Sentientism and animal advocacy. We talked about how anti-speciesists and vegans generally are sentientist, in that they grant meaningful moral consideration to all sentient beings.

Dilemma HangOut - Conversation with Jay Shapiro

A wide ranging "Dilemma Hangout" conversation covering many aspects of Sentientism and its potential implications. Jay signs up as a Sentientist towards the end – although he probably was at the beginning too. He might even appear on our "Wall of Sentientists" soon.

Video! - New page and a 3 hour discussion about Sentientism

There's a new page for videos about sentientism here - featuring our nearly 3 hour, wide-ranging conversation with Jay Shapiro. You can tell he's a professional film-maker because he managed […]

Sentientism – Raising Awareness

If you think sentientism is important and would like to help raise awareness of the idea – here are some suggestions of things you can do to help. This list focuses on tactical awareness raising. We’ll add more to our “How” page about the existing and maybe new campaigns that align with Sentientism. Why not come and join one of our community groups and join or start a conversation about what more we can do.

Universal Declaration of Sentient Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was a milestone in moral and political thinking and remains an influential reference today. Given Sentientism extends moral consideration to all sentient beings, […]

Is Humanism good enough?

I've had some great conversations since my first article on Sentientism was published in Areo.  As a reminder, Sentientism is an ethical philosophy or worldview that applies evidence and reason […]

A Unifying Morality? How is Sentientism Different?

Sentientism is a worldview that commits to using evidence and reason and extends moral consideration to all sentient beings. What I want to do in the article below is to compare Sentientism with […]

In a Sentientist World - What Disappears?

Sentientism is a worldview that commits to using evidence, applying reason and granting degrees of moral consideration to all sentient beings. While it is a simple philosophy, Sentientism has far reaching implications. Read on!
More - a new Sentientism Community is bringing letter writing into the digital age. It's a platform for thoughtful, public, two-way conversations without the noise and distractions of social media. Thanks to the Letter team […]

Animal Liberation and Atheism - Kim Socha

Too few researchers, thinkers and writers have focused on the links between atheism and animal ethics. The video below and this Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! podcast episode summarise the thinking […]

Latest work

Ashley Byrne headshot - smiling

"Just dive in and meet people where they're at" - Ashley Byrne - PETA Outreach Director - Sentientism Episode 153

Ashley Byrne is Director of Outreach for PETA. A conversation about Sentientism's "evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings".

"Humility should underpin our efforts to understand" - Journalist Marina Bolotnikova - Sentientism Episode: 114

Marina Bolotnikova is a journalist focusing on animal farming. Sentientism is "evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings".

"We are reflective animals - which comes with responsibility" - Susana Monsó - Sentientism Episode: 113

Susana Monsó is assistant professor working on animal ethics & the philosophy of animal minds. Sentientism is "evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings".

"Ought flows from sentience" - neuropsychologist & "Hidden Spring" author Mark Solms - Sentientism Episode:112

Mark is a psychoanalyst & neuropsychologist. Sentientism is "evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings."

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