“My enemy, which I will destroy, is arbitrariness!” New Sentientist Conversation with Stijn Bruers

In these Sentientist Conversations, we talk about the two most important questions: “what’s real?” & “what matters?”

Stijn is a physicist (phd), economist (phd in progress), animal activist, rational moral philosopher (another phd) and an Effective Altruist! He co-founded and is president of EA Belgium. He’s currently researching economics at the university of Leuven.

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We talk about:

  • Academic activism
  • Background catholicism
  • God not saving Stijn from swimming classes 🙂
  • Martial arts, Star Wars & eastern/Buddhist philosophy (chi, forces, accupuncture, telekinesis, telepathy)
  • Becoming fascinated by science & naturalism
  • Retaining a sense of awe, wonder & connection within a naturalistic worldview
  • Ecocentrism/biocentrism as intuitively attractive, but as Stijn’s biggest moral mistake
  • Ecosystems can’t suffer & “Gaia doesn’t care”
  • The risk that ecocentrism often really reflects a human aesthetic judgement, not genuine altruistic concern for other sentients
  • The moral salience of wild animal suffering
  • The “don’t play god” rule against intervening in nature is a reflection of human values, not altruistic concern
  • The burning museum thought experiment
  • Are the most important moral questions actually the simplest?
  • The value of even obscure thought experiments in ensuring our morality is sound & treating ethics like physics
  • In ethics as in physics, we shouldn’t arbitrarily make exceptions
  • Nihilism & its association with a materialist worldview
  • Outgrowing a “puberty” stage in personal philosophy
  • Moral uncertainty
  • Life project of finding fundamental moral principles. Starting with 8, then 5, now 3: 1) Universal application / categorical imperative; 2) Avoiding unwanted arbitrariness (e.g. discrimination, exceptions, revelation); 3) Relative preferences (~utility / well-being / preferences)
  • Religious believers are atheists in every other religion
  • Expanding our moral “radar” (inspired by Stijn’s time on Sea Shepherd)
  • Starting from rights & working back to derive sentience as the moral qualifier (makes no sense to apply rights (e.g. autonomy / being used as a means) to non-sentients as they have no interests or needs to protect).
  • How this approach resolves the charge that using sentience as a moral qualifier might itself be arbitrary
  • We can grant rights to everything, but they can only be breached for sentient beings!
  • Sentience/flourishing/suffering as the full range of simple & rich qualitative experiences, not just basic hedonistic pains & pleasures
  • How every other interest or preference (e.g. freedom/autonomy) can be assessed through their impact on the quality of sentient experience
  • Don’t apply the Golden Rule if you’re a masochist 🙂
  • How compassion implies not wanting to impose our preferences on others
  • No one can reasonably reject Sentientism, because they don’t want their preference against Sentientism to be arbitrarily rejected “you said yourself that what you want isn’t important!”
  • Moral objectivism vs. relativism vs. naturalistic grounding
  • Can naturalistic morals span the is/ought barrier?
  • Tegmark’s suggestion that the universe is ultimately a mathematical structure (see “Our Mathematical Universe”) & that all possible mathematical structures may, in a sense, exist
  • Avoiding arbitrariness in maths, physics & ethics.
  • The importance of naturalism & sentiocentrism (combined into sentientism) as a philosophical baseline
  • You can have whatever philosophy you like but you have to be Sentientist 🙂
  • All human caused problems have roots in un-founded beliefs, a too-small moral circle, or both
  • A future where we’ve abolished all unwanted suffering & the need for research into how we do it (e.g. welfare bio)
  • Mitigating wild animal suffering. No animal wants to be eaten. We may not know how to help but we can find out
  • Ending animal farming. Setting a good Sentientist example to our future AI overlords 🙂
  • Rejecting anti-natalism
  • Democracy, excluding only those who arbitrarily exclude others
  • Something being difficult isn’t a reason not to try
  • Setting trivial interests against security/safety/autonomy interests
  • Justice without free will/agency only drops retribution
  • The importance of effectiveness (via EA)
  • Universal language/translation.

You can learn about Stijn’s work here: & you can follow him on Twitter here @StijnBruers.

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