How would a more Sentientist world work? How can sentientists change things? How can you help – as an individual, a citizen and community member, an employee, a leader, an activist, a consumer?

There are many changes we need to make to move towards a more rational, compassionate world and many ways we can make those changes happen.

With respect to the changes we need, this article sets out some ideas about “What things might disappear in a Sentientist world”. We’re building pages here about how we might need:

With respect to the ways we can drive change, we can do this through our roles in government, NGOs & charities and corporations as well as though our personal choices. This piece suggests some “Ideas about how you can help advance the sentientism movement” focusing on tactical awareness raising. We’ll add more to this page about the existing and maybe new campaigns that align with Sentientism. Why not come and join one of our community groups and join or start a conversation about what we can do.

There are many organisations around the world already working to promote evidence and reason and others working to extend our moral circle to include other sentients. Sentientists hope to encourage each of these groups to learn from each other – in both methods and objectives. Humanist, skeptic, atheist, free thinking and pro-science groups need to stretch their ethics within and beyond the human species. Animal advocacy and vegan groups need to commit to using evidence and reason. Human rights and humanitarian organisations need to do both.

I’m lucky enough to be able to fund and staff (me) this amateur initiative privately, but if do you want to chip in to help with the costs of developing our community and movement (video/audio production, web-sites etc.), there is a Sentientism Patreon. You will receive absolutely no additional benefits from contributing. There are many other organisations that can likely deliver more direct benefit per $ยฃ, for example via Animal Charity Evaluators, TheLifeYouCanSave, GiveWell, and OpenPhilanthropy. I see promoting Sentientism as deeply important (every decision taken is likely to be better) – but it’s more foundational than direct in impact.

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