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Agricultural systems exploit, harm and kill sentient beings at a scale that is hard for the human mind to comprehend. They are also inherently wasteful, environmentally destructive and present a range of serious risks to the health of human sentients.

A transition to a Sentientist agriculture would work to end this exploitation and to reduce incidental harms caused to sentient beings. Ideas include switching to plant-based, vegan-motivated diets, helping farms transition (transfarmation), introducing and scaling alternatives to animal-derived products made without needless exploitation or harm and veganic agriculture systems that look to reduce or eliminate the incidental harms to sentient beings caused by plant agriculture. These solutions and transitions would be based on good quality evidence and reasoning, rather than the misinformation and disinformation often produced by agriculture industries with vested interests.

Information Resources:

Plant-based Diet and Vegan Resources

Veganism is a philosophy, not a diet. However, it is a practical philosophy so does have direct implications for our product choices and for our agricultural systems:

Veganic Agriculture Resources:

It’s not enough to transition to end animal agriculture. We also need a future agricultural system that reduces and ideally avoids the incidental harms of current arable agricultural systems. Those systems also need to meet the needs of a projected 10.4 billion human sentients and radically reduce the negative impacts of agriculture on our climate, environment and sentient health.

Transfarmation Resources:

Transfarmation is about helping animal farmers transition to livelihoods that don’t involve the exploitation of sentient animals. Their motivations may be a combination of ethical, environmental, psychological, social and financial factors (many animal farmers are already losing money, in serious debt and heavily reliant on public funding for survival). There is no single approach that will work for every farm – we need thousands of different transition paths each with their own challenges. These can include growing plants and funghi as food and products for human consumption (see veganic agriculture above), animal sanctuaries (as part of the transition or longer-term), agritourism, ecotourism, storage services, renewable energy generation and environmental stewardship (e.g. low suffering density re-wilding / reforestation). Given the catastrophic inefficiency of animal agriculture (see feed conversion ratios) ultimately we will need a lot less agricultural production and land. The organisations below help support farmers in various ways with strategy, business planning, agricultural (e.g. crop rotation), legal, financial support and with general guidance through the process:

Systems Change and Lobbying Resources:

Animal agriculture industries often wield enormous political power that shapes regulations, laws and drives often substantial subsidies. These organisations work, often using misinformation and disinformation to persuade political systems to shift those regulations and subsidies towards encouraging a transition to agricultural systems that don’t exploit sentient beings:

Alternative Protein Resources:

Latest work

Picture of Leigh Claire sitting at a desk with head propped on one hand, smiling. Someone else sits in the background also smiling. Many pictures and notes are pinned to the wall.

“Marx for Cats” – Leigh Claire La Berge – Sentientism Ep:204

Leigh Claire La Berge is Professor in City University of New York‘s English Department. A Sentientism conversation about "what's real?", "who matters?" and "how to make a better world?"

“Marx for Cats” – Leigh Claire La Berge – Sentientism Ep:204

Leigh Claire La Berge is Professor in City University of New York‘s English Department. A Sentientism conversation about "what's real?", "who matters?" and "how to make a better world?"

Teaching the Sentientism Worldview – Webinar Recording (only 28 mins!)

YouTube and Podcast recordings of our "Teaching the Sentientism Worldview" webinar.

“What if you’re the people you’ve been waiting for?” – Prof John Barry ‪- Sentientism Ep:202

John is an activist academic, a green political economist and former Green Party politician in Northern Ireland. A Sentientism conversation about what's real, who matters and how to make a better world.

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