Eva Hamer chained to and seated against a wall speaking into a megaphone

Eva Hamer

Eva is the operations lead for the non-profit Pax Fauna. Pax Fauna exists to design a more effective social movement for animal freedom in the U.S., using original research as well as careful study of social movement literature and the recent history of the animal movement in order to reverse the cultural norm of eating animals. […]

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Head and shoulders shot of Lori Marino smiling

Lori Marino

Lori is Executive Director of The Kimmela Center and Founder & President of The Whale Sanctuary Project. She is a neuroscientist and expert in animal behavior and intelligence, formerly on the faculty of Emory University where she was also a faculty member at the Emory Center for Ethics. She is internationally known for her work […]

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Upper body shot of Kathy Hessler smiling

Kathy Hessler

Kathy is Assistant Dean, Animal Legal Education at George Washington University Law School and Director of the Animal Legal Education Initiative. Kathy has been a clinical law professor for 30 years and has been teaching animal law for 22 years. She is the first law professor hired to teach animal law full-time. Kathy helped develop the […]

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Ann Druyan accepting an award

Ann Druyan

Ann is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning documentary producer and director specializing in the communication of science. She co-wrote the 1980 PBS documentary series Cosmos, hosted by Carl Sagan, whom she married in 1981. She is the creator, producer, and writer of the 2014 sequel, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and its sequel series, Cosmos: Possible […]

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Nicky Campbell giving a speech

Nicky Campbell OBE

Nicky is a broadcaster and journalist. He has worked in television and radio since 1981 and as a network presenter with BBC Radio since 1987. He is a vocal advocate for animals, writing and campaigning for animal rights, welfare and conservation. Nicky was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the […]

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Sepia portrait photo of J Howard Moore

J. Howard Moore

John Howard Moore was a zoologist, philosopher, educator, humanitarian and socialist. He is considered to be an early, yet neglected, proponent of animal rights and ethical vegetarianism/veganism and was a leading figure in the American humanitarian movement. John was a prolific writer, authoring numerous articles, books, essays, pamphlets on topics including animal rights, education, ethics, […]

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Corry will head and shoulders.

Corry Will

Corry (notcorry) Is a YouTuber and podcaster. He co-hosts (with Luke Cutforth) the SciGuys podcast that “brings you the crazy, weird, and wonderful stories from the science world”. Corry is vegan, implying a sentiocentric moral scope. He seems to be non-religious and to have a naturalistic worldview. @notcorry Linktree notcorry YouTube

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Luke Cutforth headshot

Luke Cutforth

Luke is a film-maker, YouTuber and podcaster. His first feature film, “The Drowning of Arthur Braxton” won the Best UK Feature award at the Raindance film festival. He co-hosts (with notcorry) the SciGuys podcast that “brings you the crazy, weird, and wonderful stories from the science world”. Luke is vegan, implying a sentiocentric moral scope. […]

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Oscar Horta

Why Sentientism?: “For all sentient beings” Oscar is an animal activist and moral philosopher who is currently a professor in the Department of Philosophy and Anthropology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and is one of the co-founders of the organization Animal Ethics. Oscar is vegan and non-religious. Oscar on Wikipedia Oscar’s Blog […]

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Mylan Engel Jr.

Why Sentientism? Because every sentient being has the capacity to be harmed, and any being with a capacity to be harmed has a moral right not to be harmed. See my “Demystifying Animal Rights” for details.

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Sara Pascoe speaking into a microphone

Sara Pascoe

Sara is an actress, comedian and writer. She has appeared on television programmes including 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown for Channel 4, QI and The Great British Sewing Bee for BBC and Taskmaster for the digital channel Dave. Sarah is vegan, implying a sentiocentric moral scope. She has said here: “I went on […]

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Jon Richardson holding a pipe

Jon Richardson

Jon is a comedian. He is best known for his appearances on 8 Out of 10 Cats and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and his work as co-host with Russell Howard on BBC 6 Music. He is the presenter of Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier, and also featured with his wife in the TV […]

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Matti Wilks

Matti Wilks

Matti is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She was previously a post-doctoral researcher at Yale University, working with Professor Paul Bloom with whom she published the paper “Children prioritize humans over animals less than adults do”. She studies moral psychology & moral development – including attitudes to cultivated meat […]

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Claudia Hirtenfelder

Claudia Hirtenfelder

Claudia is a PhD Candidate in Geography at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. She is host of The Animal Turn Podcast (Subscribe!) Claudia is an atheist (ex-Christian) and has a naturalistic worldview – although is cautious about defining “evidence and reasoning” too narrowly such that we might exclude more emotional or intuitive modes of thinking and neglect social […]

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Jill Ettinger headshot

Jill Ettinger

Jill has been a leading voice in digital media for more than a decade. She’s been published in outlets including MTV, The Huffington Post, and the Village Voice. She served as Head of Content for a popular vegan media platform from 2017-2020, with a reach of more than 50 million per month. She has worked […]

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Michael Dorf headshot

Michael Dorf

Michael is a law professor and scholar of U.S. constitutional law. He is the Robert S. Stevens Professor of Law at Cornell Law School. In addition to constitutional law, Michael has taught courses in civil procedure and federal courts. He has written or edited three books, including No Litmus Test: Law Versus Politics in the […]

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Katie Mack headshot - wearing a headset

Katie Mack

Katie is a theoretical cosmologist who holds the Hawking Chair in Cosmology and Science Communication at Perimeter Institute. Her academic research investigates dark matter, vacuum decay and the epoch of reionisation. Katie is also a popular science communicator who participates in social media and regularly writes for Scientific American, Slate, Sky & Telescope, Time and […]

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Chiara Mingarelli headshot

Chiara Mingarelli

Chiara is an astrophysicist who researches gravitational waves. She is an associate research scientist at the Flatiron Institute Center for Computational Astrophysics and an assistant professor of physics at the University of Connecticut. She is also a science writer and communicator. Chiara is a Humanist, implying she has a naturalistic epistemology. She is veg*an, implying […]

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Simon Amstell performing comedy

Simon Amstell

Simon is a comedian, writer and director. He wrote and directed the films Carnage and Benjamin. His work on television has included presenting Popworld and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Simon is Jewish and seems to have a naturalistic worldview. He has said (albeit as part of a comedy performance): “I don’t want to attack religious […]

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Speech bubble explaining that there are no photos of Greg Egan on the web - in various languages

Greg Egan

Greg is a science fiction writer and amateur mathematician, best known for his works of hard science fiction. He specialises in stories with mathematical and quantum ontology themes, including the nature of consciousness. His other themes include genetics, simulated reality, posthumanism, mind transfer, sexuality, artificial intelligence and the superiority of rational naturalism over religion. Greg […]

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EDE Bell head and shoulders

E.D.E. Bell

Emily is a fantasy fiction author who (from her edebell.com home page): “enjoys blending classic and modern elements. A passionate vegan and earnest progressive, she feels strongly about issues related to equality and compassion. Her works are quiet and queer and often explore conceptions of identity and community, including themes of friendship, family, and connection. […]

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Sherry Colb headshot

Sherry Colb

Sherry was C.S. Wong Professor of Law at Cornell Law School. She had been valedictorian of her high school class and then valedictorian of her class at Columbia College. After Harvard Law School, she clerked with Second Circuit Judge Wilfred Feinberg and then Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun. She was frequently quoted in The New […]

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Karen Davis speaking at a lectern

Karen Davis

Karen is an animal rights advocate and president of United Poultry Concerns. UPC is a non-profit organization founded in 1990 to address the treatment of domestic fowl in farming – including chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Karen also runs an animal sanctuary. She is the author of several books on veganism and animal rights, including Prisoned […]

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Matt Johnson headshot smiling

Matt Johnson

Matt is Press Coordinator and an investigator for Direct Action Everywhere (DxE). As part of his activism he has conducted animal farm investigations, been threatened with prison for rescuing farm animals from abuse and pranked NewsMax and FoxNews by posing as the CEO of Smithfield Foods – exposing to millions of viewers the damage their […]

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Neil Levy headshot

Neil Levy

Neil is a professor of philosophy with research interests spanning philosophy of mind, psychology, free will, moral responsibility, epistemology, and applied ethics. He is Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and professor of philosophy at Macquarie University, Sydney. From 2010, he was head of neuroethics at the Florey Institutes of […]

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Alene Anello upper body profile picture. Smiling!

Alene Anello

Alene is the President and Founder of Legal Impact for Chickens. She graduated from Harvard Law School, clerked for a federal judge and then started litigating for animals. She has worked at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and The Good Food Institute. Alene is licensed to practice […]

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Chaitanya Talreja sitting in a chair smiling

Chaitanya Talreja

Chaitanya is Assistant Professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in the Centre for Regulatory Policy and Governance. He has a PhD in Economics. Chaitanya’s research interests include economic development strategies in the global south, structural change, economic development and regulatory policy, urban economics, and non-anthropocentric strategies/alternatives to anthropocentric value systems in progress […]

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Head and shoulders picture of Clive Lewis smiling

Clive Lewis

Clive is a Labour politician in the UK who has been the Member of Parliament for Norwich South since winning the seat at the 2015 general election. He was a candidate for Leader of the Labour Party in the 2020 leadership election. Clive previously served as vice-president of the National Union of Students, worked as […]

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Headshot of Thomas Metzinger

Thomas Metzinger

Thomas is a philosopher and emeritus professor of theoretical philosophy at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. He is an Adjunct Fellow at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, a co-founder of the German Effective Altruism Foundation, president of the Barbara Wengeler Foundation and on the advisory board of the Giordano Bruno Foundation. From 2008 […]

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Carol Gigliotti

Carol is an author, artist, animal activist and scholar whose work focuses on the reality of animals’ lives as important contributors to the biodiversity of this planet. She is Professor Emerita of Design and Dynamic Media and Critical and Cultural Studies at the Emily Carr University of Design, Vancouver, BC. CANADA. Her most recent book […]

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Lisa Kemmerer headshot

Lisa Kemmerer

Lisa is an activist and academic who specialises in anymal and environmental ethics. She was an associate professor of philosophy and religion at Montana State University Billings until she retired in 2020 to found and lead the educational, vegan umbrella organization, Tapestry. Lisa is the author or editor of ten books including Animals and World […]

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Philip McKibben head shot

Philip McKibbin

Philip is a writer from Aotearoa New Zealand, of Pākehā (NZ European) and Māori (Ngāi Tahu) descent. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, affiliated with the Sydney Environment Institute. He holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy from The University of Auckland & diplomas in te reo Māori (the Māori language) […]

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Ana Bradley sitting between the letters A and B

Ana Bradley

Ana is Executive Director of Sentient Media. Sentient Media is a non-profit journalism outlet aimed at making transparent the suffering that goes on in our food systems and inspiring readers to think more about the implications of what we eat. Ana also hosts the Sentient Media podcast. Ana is vegan, grants moral consideration to all […]

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Erin Wing feeding Lola

Erin Wing

Erin is the Deputy Director of Investigations at Animal Outlook, a national animal-advocacy nonprofit organisation. Erin was an undercover investigator for two years. She left the field after her last investigation at the Dick Van Dam Dairy in California, where she saw cruelty, abuse & suffering every day. Through her new position with Animal Outlook, […]

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Rutger Bregman speaking

Rutger Bregman

Rutger is a historian and author. He has published four books on history, philosophy, and economics, including “Utopia for Realists: How We Can Build the Ideal World” and “Humankind”. His work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Guardian and the BBC. Rutger has been described by The Guardian as the “Dutch wunderkind of new […]

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Marina Bolotnikova head shot

Marina Bolotnikova

Marina is a journalist, currently focusing on factory farming and the criminalization of activists who fight it. Marina has written for Vox, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Intercept and many other publications. She used to be an editor for Harvard Magazine. Before that, she wrote and edited for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Toledo Blade […]

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Susana Monsó head and shoulders

Susana Monsó

Susana is assistant professor based at the Department of Logic, History, and Philosophy of Science of UNED, working on animal ethics and the philosophy of animal minds. She holds a BA in Philosophy from Complutense University of Madrid, an MA in Global Ethics and Human Values from King’s College London and a PhD in Philosophy […]

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Jackie Norman

“Even when I was deeply entrenched in the dairy and beef industries for almost two decades before becoming a vegan activist, it was impossible to deny or discount the personalities, emotions and the ability to feel and most of all suffer. We are all animals, we are all equal and none of us should be […]

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Aph Ko speaking into a microphone

Aph Ko

Aph is a writer, vegan activist, and digital media producer. She is the author of Racism as Zoological Witchcraft; co-author (with Syl Ko) of Aphro-ism: Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism from Two Sisters and creator of the website Black Vegans Rock. Aph is vegan. She was raised Catholic but “isn’t Catholic any […]

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