“As a Vet I Felt Helpless” – Vicky Bond, Humane League UK Managing Director – New Sentientist Conversations Video

Vicky is Managing Director of The Humane League UK . She trained as a vet and worked in the animal agriculture industry before leaving to focus on campaigning for non-human animals.

In these Sentientist Conversations, we talk about the two most important questions: “what’s real?” & “what matters?”

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We discuss:

  • Feeling an early affinity with animals, volunteering at animal sanctuaries at 10 years old, always wanting to be a vet
  • Training as a vet, seeing the reality of animal farming & feeling helpless. How vets are caught up in the machinery of the industry
  • How broken animal agriculture is & how much suffering is caused
  • Leaving to advocate for animals, with CIFW then Humane League UK
  • Driving institutional change. Working with companies to reduce the animal suffering they cause at scale
  • The relief of meeting others that take sentience & suffering seriously
  • Questioning then leaving Christianity as a teenager & the death of a close family member as a turning point
  • Finding comfort in naturalism. “We have our time & then it passes”
  • Naturalistic wonder, awe, meaning & a sense of connection, enhanced through a silent meditation retreat (vs. “spirituality”)
  • Suffering/flourishing of others as the foundation of morality
  • Meditation as a practice of focusing on our own sentient experience and feeling gratitude
  • Relativism & supernatural ethics are arbitrary vs. grounding ethics in a naturalistic understanding of sentience
  • Going vegetarian (despite challenges from parents re: nutrition)
  • The shock of watching an artificial insemination unit operate
  • Fighting cognitive dissonance on the way to going vegan + how much it helps to have others around you to help ease the transition
  • Visiting Ghana as an eye opener re: global development & the history of colonialism
  • Considering the ethical impacts of our personal consumption
  • Cognitive dissonance as a way of protecting ourselves given the scale of suffering. Avoiding burn-out
  • The Diving Bell & the Butterfly
  • Taking the perspective of others, rather than just imposing your own assumptions
  • Wild-animal suffering & flourishing. Nature programmes as “snuff movies”
  • Categorising an animal as “farmed” or “wild” doesn’t reduce the animals’ experience of its own suffering
  • Why humans value red squirrels more than grey
  • Not knowing how to help doesn’t warrant excluding beings from our moral circle
  • Culling as the default for human intervention in the wild
  • Ending animal farming as an obvious win-win-win
  • Important problems are often the easiest (e.g. end animal farming)
  • Animal farming change is happening fast now (e.g. ending cages) & consumer consciousness is shifting
  • Veganism getting less “weird”, approaching a tipping point?
  • Concern for species is mostly about human interests
  • Economic & social drivers slowing change
  • “Lesser developed countries” leap-frogging past the mistakes made by “more developed countries” on both climate & animal agriculture, because of more compassionate values and more radical innovation
  • While you’re participating in something, it’s hard to think clearly about its ethics
  • Freeing our latent morality!
  • A more socialist future?

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