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Truth Wanted Live Call in Show – about Sentientism!

I had the pleasure of co-hosting this live call-in show with Objectively Dan. We talked about Sentientism then fielded caller questions – including some about UFOs and whether snake monsters lie at the root of all human religion!

“Breeding into suffering is the root of the problem.” – Sentient founder Mikko Järvenpää – New Sentientist Conversation

Mikko is a tech start-up founder and CEO (now​). He founded & is now board chair of Sentient – an organisation dedicated to making the world a better place for all sentient beings through journalism. In these Sentientist Conversations, we talk about the two most important questions: “what’s real?” & “what matters?”. Sentientism is “evidence, commitment & compassion for all sentient beings.”

“A Fabulous Vegan Future!” – Jasmin Singer – New Sentientist Conversation

Jamie talks to author, activist, non-profit co-founder and podcast host, Jasmin Singer. Jasmin is the author of “The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan” and the memoir “Always Too Much and Never Enough“. She co-founded Our Hen House and co-hosts their podcast.We talk about growing up celebrating both Hannukah and Christmas, going vegetarian at 19 because it fit Jasmin’s cool New York image – then going vegan and instantly dedicating her life to animal advocacy. We also discuss the parallels between religious and carnist indoctrination, the intersection of different forms of oppression and the balance between institutional and personal social change.

“How can I have been morally asleep for so long?” – Prof Randall Abate – New Sentientist Conversation

Sentientist Conversation with Randall Abate. Randall is an author and environmental, animal, climate and constitutional law professor at Monmouth University in New Jersey. His books include “What Can Animal Law Learn From Environmental Law?” and “Climate Change and the Voiceless: Protecting Future Generations, Wildlife, and Natural Resources”.

“De-centring the human” – New Sentientist Conversation with Josh Gellers. Also Happy New Year!

In this video, Jamie talks to author and associate professor Josh Gellers. Josh’s work spans animal, environmental and artificial intelligence ethics and law. He is a research fellow with the Earth System Governance Project and is a Fulbright scholar. He is Author of “Rights for Robots”.We talk about growing up in a culturally Jewish household, non-human rights (animal, robot or otherwise) and how to take a pluralistic approach that “wades in the waters of other ways of knowing” without slipping into a relativism that excuses causing needless harm.

“Diverse sentients could live in mutual symbiosis” Graham Bessellieu – New Sentientist Conversation

We talk about Graham’s Christian upbringing (and singing), his turn to a naturalistic, Sentientist ethics, ending animal farming and exploitation and the potential for a Deutschian, Star Trek future for all sentients.

“Being in balance with ourselves and the rest of the living world” – Author Gill Coombs – New Sentientist Conversation

Gill is an author, coach & counsellor. She was a UK parliamentary candidate for the Green Party. She focuses on helping people live in balance with themselves & the rest of the living world.

“How can we do the most good for non-human animals?”- Jamie Harris – Animal Advocacy Careers co-founder & Sentience Institute Researcher – New Sentientist Conversation

Jamie is co-founder of and researcher at the non-profit Animal Advocacy Careers, a researcher at the Sentience Institute and host of the Sentience Institute Podcast.

“Let’s end humanity’s war on the rest of the planet” – Better Meat CEO & Animal Rights Hall of Famer Paul Shapiro – New Sentientist Conversation

In this video, Jamie talks to Better Meat CEO, Animal Rights Hall of Famer, TED talker, Business for Good podcast host and Clean Meat author, Paul Shapiro.We talk about Paul’s animal advocacy journey (he co-founded Compassion over Killing, now Animal Outlook, while still at school) and the potential for new technologies to render animal farming obselete.

“Humans might one day need to beg AIs for our sentient rights” – AI expert Roman Yampolskiy – New Sentientist Conversation

Roman is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Louisville. He is known for his work on behavioral biometrics, the security of cyberworlds and artificial intelligence safety. He founded the field of intellectology – the analysis of the forms and limits of intelligence.

Latest work

Head shot of Iyan Offor looking towards the camera.

“Law is a reflection of the people that make it” – Dr. Iyan Offor – Sentientism Ep:174

Dr Iyan Offor is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Birmingham City University. A conversation about Sentientism - and what's real, who matters and how we can make a better world.

“Rationality comes with responsibility” – Kathy Hessler – Sentientism Episode 136

An interview with Kathy Hessler about "what's real?", "who matters?" and "how can we make a better world?" Kathy is Assistant Dean, Animal Legal Education at George Washington University Law School and Director of the Animal Legal Education Initiative. Sentientism is "evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings".

“The Creative Lives of Animals” – Author Carol Gigliotti – Sentientism Episode 135

Carol is the author of "The Creative Lives of Animals". A Sentientist conversation about "evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings".

“It just started to not make sense” ObjectivelyDan – Host of “Truth Wanted” Sentientism Episode 134

ObjectivelyDan is the host of the call-in show "Truth Wanted". A Sentientist conversation about "evidence, reason and compassion".

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