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Our Hen House podcast: Sentientism Episode!

This was great fun. Mariann Sullivan interviewed me about Sentientism for the wonderful Our Hen House podcast.

Listen to the episode on the OHH web site or all the usual platforms. Our Hen House is a nonprofit dedicated to effectively mainstreaming the movement to end the exploitation of animals.

Mariann and I talk about naturalism, sentience and the Sentientism movement. Mariann’s co-host Jasmin has also been a guest on Sentientist Conversations. I’m hoping Mariann will follow in her footsteps soon too!

These are the other podcasts that have featured Sentientism so far. Of course, here’s our own Sentientism podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe, review, rate and share ours as well as Our Hen House!

Feedback – however brutal – is always welcome!

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