Update: Sentientism Movement: Nov 2022

I recently sent this update to the list of people I’ve been in touch with by email about Sentientism. They are philosophers, scientists, activists, CEOs, authors, actors, musicians, people and sentient beings…

Hello to everyone on my “vaguely interested in Sentientism” email list,

This page will let you know what we’ve been up to (five pages worth!) but I wanted to share a few highlights:

The numbers below should give some indication of how many of the remaining ~7.7 billion humans we have yet to persuade 😊. As ever, you’d be very welcome in any of our online groups. They’re open to anyone interested, not just people who have a Sentientist worldview:

Raising Awareness:

Communities (a big thank you to the volunteers that set up and run each of these):


Criticism, suggestions, offers of help and amplification / sharing are always welcome. Thanks so much for all the help so far and to those who’ve been doing their own things to develop our collective Sentientism project – working to normalise “evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings”.

As ever, please let me know if you’d prefer to be removed from this list. Also – please forward this on to others who might find the Sentientism worldview interesting! They can mail me to ask to be added to this list or sign up to Sentientism.info updates here.

I hope you, your families and teams are well – human and non-human sents both!



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