Sentientist Finance

A Sentientist worldview would have deep implications for the world of finance.

Money is one way of representing, storing, sharing and transferring value. For many sentientists, value ultimately translates back to the quality of sentient experiences.

In a Sentientist world, the way we get, save and invest money – and the systems that allow us to do those things – would change.

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Sentientist Investing

A Sentientist approach to investing, like most investing, would be based on evidence and reasoning. It would also be based on having compassion for all sentient beings. That would lead to a focus on investments that improve things for sentient beings and to avoiding investments in firms that are likely to make things worse for sentient beings.

Beyond Investing has created the first ever publicly available vegan and environmentally conscious investment products, including their Vegan climate ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) and Vegan climate indices.

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The VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF (Ticker: EATV) is an actively managed fund designed to offer investors exposure to the growing plant-based foods and materials trend through VegTech™ Companies.

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