Where are sentientists around the world? Where can you talk to them?

Millions of people around the world are sentientists, in that they are committed to evidence and reason and grant moral consideration to all sentient beings. Many of them will identify as atheists, secular humanists, skeptics or free-thinkers who take non-human animal ethics seriously, but most of them haven’t yet heard of the term “sentientism”.

Sentientism is just a worldview, not an organisation. There’s no membership (although you can declare yourself a sentientist here) and no rules (beyond the definition of sentientism itself). However, there is a wide range of global online communities and movements springing up around Sentientism.

If you find Sentientism interesting, we’d love you to come and join our main friendly, global community here. Anyone interested is welcome, whether or not you count yourself as a sentientist. We have people from around 70 countries involved to date – a mix of academics, activists, content creators, policy people and (the vast majority) interested lay people.

We also run a range of other online fora listed below. Join as many or as few as you like. Some focus on live conversation, others are more “post and comment”, while others are good places to find resources.

Facebook “f” Logo Download and Usage Guidelines

Facebook Group (private but open to anyone to join – Sentientist or not!)

Our most lively online community with people from around 80 countries. We have a fascinating mix of academics, activists, policy-people and writers – but mostly interested lay people (including me). The group is private and closed to the outside world – but open to anyone to join.

Facebook “f” Logo Download and Usage Guidelines

Facebook Page (public)

Our public Facebook Page. Anything you post or comment here can be read by anyone.

@Sentientism on Twitter

We also maintain a Twitter list of confirmed and suspected sentientists you can subscribe to and a list of people who have added #Sentientist to their bio. Tweet us if you’d like to be added (or removed). The “suspected” sentientists are largely vegan humanists and atheists. The list includes some famous people that might surprise you.

There’s a Twitter Direct Message Group here too – use the “contact us” form if you’d like to be added.

Sentientism Sub-Reddit

Great place for resources and links that relate to sentientism. Feel free to join, post new stuff, up/downvote and comment. There’s a chat room too.

Sentientism on TikTok

TikTok is short videos. Despite threats from my children, Sentientism is there!

Sentientism on Instagram

Images, video and conversations!

Discord server

Good place for text (real-time or asynchronous) or voice chat. Set up and run by @PhilipMPowell.


Mastodon is a free, open source microblogging social media platform somewhat similar to Twitter. You have to pick a server for your account to run from but you can follow and interact with everyone across the whole federated network. Follow us @Sentientism@toot.community.

Signal – Logos Download

Signal group

Good for real time text chat. Secure end to end encryption so helpful for those for whom talking openly about having a Sentientist worldview might present risks.

Telegram logo

Telegram channel (and there’s a chat group linked too)

Good for real time text chat.

File:Goodreads logo.svg

GoodReads group

Great place to find book recommendations that link to sentientism and to discuss what you’re reading. Set up and run by @gurlintheworld.

LinkedIn page you can follow and a LinkedIn group you can join.

These are good places for those whose careers link to sentientism.

Kialo | LinkedIn

We have just set up a Kialo Sentientism team and there’s a Sentientism thesis you can help develop and challenge.

Kialo is a great forum for structured debates and decision-making on almost any topic.

Sentientism Group on Beyond Animal. Beyond Animal is building digital platforms to help accelerate the transition towards animal-free products and services across all industries worldwide.


Sentientism Sub-Wiki on the WT.Social news focused social media platform. The platform, also known as WikiTribune Social, was set up by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales as an alternative to Twitter and Facebook that runs no ads, being funded purely through donations.


We have a Sentientism space on Quora (thanks to Bradley Dorfan!) and also a Sentientism topic. Quora‘s mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge by helping people ask and answer questions.


I’ve posted a series of Sentientism papers and a conference presentation to Academia.edu here.


I’ve posted a series of Sentientism papers and a conference presentation to a Sentientism project on ResearchGate here.

We have a Sentientist World Community Grid team you can join – using our spare compute capacity to help solve important world problems. If you’re already on WCG you can join our team with this link.

Building Maps is Building Trust - International Federation ...

On Missing Maps, HumanitarianOpenStreetMapTeam and OpenStreetMap we use the #Sentientism and #Sentientists hashtags. Helping local humanitarian (sentientarian?) teams by building open source maps from satellite imagery.

Our MissingMaps dashboards are here and here.

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