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"Change is possible but hard" - Jeff Sebo - Author, Activist, Academic - New Sentientist Conversation

In this video, Jamie talks to author, activist and academic Jeff Sebo. Amongst many other roles, Jeff is Director of the Animal Studies M.A. Program at New York University, is a board member at Animal Charity Evaluators and is a Senior Fellow at Sentient Media. We talk about spanning philosophy disciplines and taking academic thinking into the real world through activism for a multi-species political society. We discuss Jeff's journey from considering Christian ministry, through reactionary atheism, then to a more generous interpretation of religious thinking. We cover naturalism, sentience, the nature of consciousness and much more!

"How can I have been morally asleep for so long?" - Prof Randall Abate - New Sentientist Conversation

Sentientist Conversation with Randall Abate. Randall is an author and environmental, animal, climate and constitutional law professor at Monmouth University in New Jersey. His books include "What Can Animal Law Learn From Environmental Law?" and "Climate Change and the Voiceless: Protecting Future Generations, Wildlife, and Natural Resources".

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Could animal farming be good for the animals?

Episode 186 of the Sentientism podcast (Apple link here) is a bonus cross-post of my discussion with Nick Pendergrast, co-host of 3CR's Freedom of Species radio show and podcast, about "the logic of the larder" - an argument that animal farming could be a good thing for farmed animals.

Don't underestimate your influence! - Chris Bryant of Bryant Research - Sentientism Ep:183

Chris Bryant is Director of Bryant Research and the Head of Policy at the Alternative Proteins Association. A Sentientism conversation about what's real, who matters and how to make a better world.

Waking Cosmos - are sentient beings the universe waking up?

I had the pleasure of being Adrian David Nelson's guest on his Waking Cosmos podcast a while back. Our conversation is now the latest episode (#182) of our Sentientism podcast as a bonus.

Christof Koch and IIT - "Consciousness is not a computation... it's a state of being" - Sentientism Ep:181

Christof Koch is a neurophysiologist and computational neuroscientist best known for his work on the neural basis of consciousness and Integrated Information Theory. A Sentientism conversation about what's real, who matters, what is consciousness and how to make a better world.

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