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Waking Cosmos – are sentient beings the universe waking up?

I had the pleasure of being Adrian David Nelson’s guest on his Waking Cosmos podcast a while back. Our conversation is now the latest episode (#182) of our Sentientism podcast as a bonus.

Christof Koch and IIT – “Consciousness is not a computation… it’s a state of being” – Sentientism Ep:181

Christof Koch is a neurophysiologist and computational neuroscientist best known for his work on the neural basis of consciousness and Integrated Information Theory. A Sentientism conversation about what’s real, who matters, what is consciousness and how to make a better world.

S-Risks with Tobias Baumann – “Avoiding the Worst… a moral catastrophe” – Sentientism Ep:180

Tobias Baumann co-founded the Center for Reducing Suffering. A Sentientism conversation about what matters, who matters and how to avoid S-Risk moral catastrophes.

How to End Injustice Everywhere – Melanie Joy – Sentientism Ep:179

Melanie Joy is an award-winning author and psychologist. A Sentientism conversation about what’s real, who matters and how to make a better world.

“Commitment to solidarity and a stubborn commitment to hope” – Defending Animals Author – Kendra Coulter – Sentientism Ep: 178

Dr Kendra Coulter is a professor at Huron University and a fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. A Sentientism conversation about what’s real, who matters and how to make a better world.

Animals and Systems – Vegan Reflections with Jordi Casamitjana – Sentientism Podcast Ep: 177

Sentientism podcast episode 177. A conversation between Jordi Casamitjana (Vegan FTA) and Jamie Woodhouse about the meaning of the word “animal” and systems engineering and change.

“Your Robot Dog Will Die” Author Arin Greenwood – Sentientism Ep: 176

Arin Greenwood is an animal writer, novelist and lawyer. A conversation about Sentientism’s “evidence, reason and compassion”.

“Making the kind choice becomes this gift” – Molly Elwood – Elwoods Dog Meat CEO – Sentientism Ep: 175

Molly is a writer, copywriter, editor, creative strategist and an animal rights activist. She is Founder and CEO of the non-existent farm, Elwoods Organic Dog Meat.

“Law is a reflection of the people that make it” – Dr. Iyan Offor – Sentientism Ep:174

Dr Iyan Offor is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Birmingham City University. A conversation about Sentientism – and what’s real, who matters and how we can make a better world.

“Welfare protections have failed animals” – Legal Academic Dr Jane Kotzmann – Sentientism Ep:173

Dr. Jane Kotzmann is an Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Deakin Law School. A Sentientism conversation about what’s real, who matters and how we can make a better world.

Latest work

Head-shot of Troy Vettese looking away to the left. Wearing white shirt.

Half-Earth Socialism – Troy Vettese – Sentientism Ep:191

Troy Vettese is an environmental historian and co-author, with Drew Pendergrass, of Half-Earth Socialism. A Sentientist conversation about "what's real?", "who matters?" and "how to make a better world?"

Top 10 Conversations – according to the algorithms anyway…

Our Top 10 Sentientist Conversations... according to the algorithms.

“A new world of animal justice” – Sabine Brels of World Animal Justice – Sentientism Ep:189

World Animal Justice aims for the global recognition of crimes against animality (or even sentientity). A Sentientist conversation.

Should Ethical Schools Teach Sentientism?

Sentientist Education... what might education through all life stages look like if we apply "evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings".

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