There isn’t a sentientism podcast (yet) but I’ve been interviewed about sentientism on a growing number of shows. You can find listening links below.

If you run a podcast and would like to talk about sentientism please get in touch using our contact form on the right of this page or via @Sentientism.

If you think a podcast you listen to would be interested in sentientism, why not put them in touch with me or even suggest yourself as a guest?

Future Design Podcast

Future Design:
Listen to the episode about Sentientism via Apple, Spotify or the other usual platforms. There’s also a video of our conversation on YouTube here.
The Future Design Podcast by Takatoshi Shibayama is about the technologies and ideas that improve ourselves and the world around us.

As well as covering the basics of Sentientism and its implications, we discussed how it’s much harder for some communities to move to rationality & compassion where their way of life is deeply bound to animal fishing/farming and to tradition. We also discuss how individuals can make personal changes but also help to drive institutional changes that might have even greater impact.

All Things Risk:
Listen to the episode about Sentientism on their website, via Apple, Soundcloud or all the usual platforms.
The All Things Risk podcast by Ben Cattaneo explores the themes of risk, uncertainty and resilience in every aspect of life.

This was an engaging, broad ranging conversation about Sentientism. Assessing and managing risk (in simple terms, the potential for bad things to happen) is an important part of the sentientist commitment to evidence and reason.


Two for Tea:
Listen to the Sentientism episode on Soundcloud or any of the usual platforms.
Two for Tea covers politics, society, art, science and scholarship with a humanist slant.

You might find this an interesting listen given we disagree both on religion (even on whether humanism is non-religious) and on sentience-based ethics.

   Artwork for Ep#150 - William Baldẽt  - The Prevent Strategy

Godless Spellchecker:
Listen to the Sentientism episode online or on any of the usual platforms. We discuss Sentientism from 18mins. There’s an explicit language warning for the section before that as we talk about me being attacked by a white supremacist group.
Godless Spellchecker focuses on atheism, secularism, freedom of belief and speech. Stephen is happy to challenge religion where required (everywhere).

Stephen and I agree substantially on religion and on animal ethics (he’s been vegan for years), but Stephen is hesitant about layering specific ethical obligations on atheism. See, for example, the widely criticised “Atheism Plus” movement mentioned here.

Embrace the Void:
Listen to the Sentientism episode online or on any of the usual platforms. Embrace the Void focuses on helping us (I think) cope with the terrifying void that is reality.

This discussion is more philosophically detailed and precise than the others, given Aaron is a real philosopher and I am only pretending. The “lightning round” was appropriately terrifying. I try to hedge by distinguishing between “not-real” (gods, fictional characters) “real” (chairs, sandwiches) and “brain-real” (stories about fictional characters and gods, rights, morality).

Free Thought Prophet:
Listen to the Sentientism episode online or on any of the usual platforms. It’s also on YouTube (I’m audio only due to the state of my covid19 lockdown beard). The Free Thought Prophet focuses on freedom of thought, atheism, science, secularism and Irish whiskey (apparently there is no other kind).

This was a less formal conversation, partly because of the whiskey (I may have had a beer too). The hosts and I agree when it comes to religion, the supernatural and atheism. One of the hosts, John, has been vegetarian for years. He continues to see animal farming as an ethical horror but is now relaxing his vegetarianism re: eating wild, culled deer. Our conversation continues on Twitter.

Beyond Species:
Listen to the Sentientism episode online or on any of the usual platforms. Beyond Species focuses on exploring speciesism and how to dismantle it.

This was a fascinating conversation more focused on animal advocacy. We talked about how anti-speciesists and vegans generally are Sentientist, in that they grant meaningful moral consideration to all sentient beings. However, some other Sentientists (including me) that are open to granting different degrees of moral consideration based on degrees of sentience – might remain open to criticisms of speciesism, even though we agree that harming or killing any sentient is a moral negative.

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