“A Fabulous Vegan Future!” – Jasmin Singer – New Sentientist Conversation

Jasmin Singer is the author of “The VegNews Guide to Being a Fabulous Vegan” and the memoir “Always Too Much and Never Enough“. She’s the co-founder & co-host of the award-winning Our Hen House podcast & nonprofit (now in its eleventh year), the Director of Editorial for Kinder Beauty, & the editor of the Encompass Essays: “Pursuing Racial Equity in Animal Advocacy”. Jasmin was named a “40 Under 40” by The Advocate Magazine, a top “Eco-Preneur” by Go Magazine & can be seen in documentaries including “Vegucated” & “The Ghosts In Our Machine”.

In these Sentientist Conversations (subscribe!), we talk about the two most important questions: “what’s real?” & “what matters?”. Sentientism is “evidence, commitment & compassion for all sentient beings.”

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We discuss:

  • Jasmin’s activist journey & roles (and books)
  • The gaslighting re: animal agriculture
  • 1980’s milk and meat marketing
  • Atheism, naturalism, comparative religion
  • Compassion in religion, but also serious ethical problems
  • Growing up as a reform Jew, celebrating Christmas and Hannukah
  • The mental gymnastics more “moderate” religions (like reform Judaism) have to do to move away from the harmful ethics at the core of many religions
  • Humanism’s focus on the human species
  • Do kids start out naturalistic and then get taught fabrications?
  • Do kids start out compassionate towards non-human animals then get taught it’s “normal” to kill them for pleasure?
  • The parallels between the indoctrination of religion and animal product consumption
  • The “kryptonite” effect of animal ethics on otherwise careful, compassionate Humanist thinkers (whereas it’s more understandable for busy people with challenging lives)
  • Luna the puppy makes a cameo appearance
  • Taking the perspective of the sentient being that is being harmed
  • Do all human-caused problems come back to believing without evidence and/or a too small moral circle?
  • Compassion doesn’t mean weakness or appeasement
  • Humility & learning
  • The insularity of academia and philosophy vs. activism. “We have to act!”
  • Is most of philosophy focused on the least important problems? Is the most important, urgent philosophy the simplest and the most obvious?
  • Activist philosophers and why Peter Singer and Mariann went vegan
  • Going veggie at 19 because it fit Jasmin’s “image” and thinking meat was “icky”
  • Starting out not being a “mean” vegetarian & then becoming a “mean” vegan 🙂
  • The excitement of finding a veggieburger in the late ’90s
  • AIDS, domestic violence, safer sex campaigning
  • Meeting a vegan, watching an animal farming documentary, being shocked about the sexual & physical exploitation
  • The psychological link between human and non-human sexual assault
  • Going vegan & instantly becoming a vegan activist
  • Trumpism and the undermining of broad compassion
  • Hope as a strategy
  • Healing from generations of normalising cruelty
  • Individualism, interdependency & relationships
  • Anti-racism, veganism & anti-oppression advocacy
  • White supremacist & carnist cultures
  • We can help non-humans while we’re fighting human discrimination. “Just don’t eat animals while you’re doing it!”
  • Ending animal farming as a win-win-win
  • A compassionate transition for farmers (e.g. RAP)
  • Having moral arguments and having an audience are privileges
  • The pressures of life mean non-human animal ethics aren’t a priority for most people. Avoiding patronising/condescention in advocacy
  • Amplifying the voices and power of those who are marginalised
  • Individuals making personal change and driving institutional change
  • The ancient, global roots of non-human animal ethics and naturalism
  • Making it easier for people to do the right ethical thing
  • Every person going vegan makes a difference and spreads the change wider
  • Waiting for institutional change is not an excuse for not making the personal change (like litter or voting!)
  • A Fabulous Vegan future.

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