There aren’t, yet, many books about Sentientism (plenty of articles though!). There are, however, thousands of books about themes relevant to sentientism – epistemelogical and moral philosophy; religion, humanism, secularism, scepticism and atheism; consciousness and sentience; human, animal, even alien and robot ethics; artificial intelligence…

You’ll find links below for our GoodReads group where you can find lots of great reading material, as well as a couple of books that do bear more directly on Sentientism.

Please feel free to suggest others we should add here – or even write one yourself!

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GoodReads group

Great place to find book recommendations that link to sentientism and to discuss what you’re reading. Set up and run by @gurlintheworld.

Sentientist Politics: A Theory of Global Inter-Species Justice

Sentientist Politics by Alasdair Cochrane

Sentientist Politics outlines Alasdair’s vision for a “sentientist cosmopolitan democracy” where non-human animals have political representation. There’s a useful Wikipedia entry here with a summary and some criticisms.

RP Cover

Reasoned Politics by Magnus Vinding

In his new book, “Reasoned Politics“, suspected celebrity sentientist Magnus Vinding sets out a realistic vision for a politics grounded in compassion for all sentient beings (particularly a concern for their suffering) and a commitment to using evidence and reason in understanding our world.


The Expanding Circle by Peter Singer

The Expanding Circle sets out the biological and evolutionary bases for morality and how we have improved on those through use of evidence and reason – in part, to widen our circle of concern within and then beyond the human race. There’s a short Wikipedia entry here.

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