Normalising rationality and compassion – Help us find Celebrity Sentientists!

I’m not a fan of celebrity worship, but well-known people can play an important role in normalising positive changes. They can help chip away at the mental block that so many people have because they see Sentientism and related worldviews (such as veganism, atheism and humanism) as “weird” – or worry that their friends and family will.

To that end, I’ve built a new page on sentientism.info for us to add “Suspected Sentientists”. I’ve only set up a few so far – some of the names might surprise you. The page is for people we suspect might hold a Sentientist worldview, for example because they are ethical vegans and atheist or humanist, but who haven’t (yet) said they agree with Sentientism’s simple naturalistic and sentiocentric tenets. I’ve also set up a form here that you can use to nominate people.

It’s been great to see more people helping with this normalisation by publicly proclaiming their Sentientism on our wall – 100 wonderful personal messages and pictures so far. Thank you to all of you who have already added yourselves via our “I’m a Sentientist” form – whether you consider yourself a “celebrity” or not ?.

Sentientism remains a little-known, niche worldview, but it does seem to resonate across the world with many who learn about it – even if it’s just a new word to describe the philosophy they already had. A few updates follow on our project to raise awareness of the idea and to build a community or movement of sorts around it:

If you have feedback or ideas about Sentientism I’d love to hear them. Please get in touch.

I hope you, your families and teams are all well.


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