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Uncomfortable Conversations – Sentientism outreach! Two new podcast appearances

I had the pleasure of being a guest on two podcasts recently to talk about Sentientism – hoping to reach new audiences as we work to persuade 7.8 billion humans to adopt “evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient beings”. If you’re not already fed up of the sound of my voice – why not have a listen? Every interviewer takes a different tack and my own thinking shifts over time as I learn from them all.

If you’re really a sucker for punishment here’s the full list of all the podcasts, big and small, that have covered Sentientism. Of course there’s our Sentientism podcast too – 85 inspiring episodes so far.

Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps (podcast ...

Uncomfortable Conversations – with Josh Szeps
Listen to our episode here.

Uncomfortable Conversations is hosted by Josh Szeps. Josh is a TV and radio broadcaster. He is best known for the shows he has hosted for HuffPost, CBS News and for the Australian ABC network. In Uncomfortable Conversations he aims to help us break out of our echo chambers and have constructive conversations – even if they’re uncomfortable. He’s interviewed Jane Goodall, Susan Sarandon, Russell Brand, Ron Howard, Richard Dawkins and Tim Minchin – but now he’s really hit the big time having talked to me about Sentientism 🙂

Integrating Plant-based Nutrition into the Medical System ...

Plant Yourself – with Howie Jacobson
Listen to our episode here.

Plant Yourself is hosted by Howie Jacobson. Howie is an author (see his new book “You CAN Change Other People” and coach. His podcast aims to provide plant-based inspiration, guidance, and support for a joyful and vibrant life.

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