Yves Bonnardel

Yves Bonnardel

Yves is a philosopher, essayist and editor. He is a libertarian, an egalitarian and an antispeciesist activist. He is one of the founding members of the French-language journal Cahiers antispécistes (“Antispeciesist Notebooks”) and of the events Veggie Pride, Les Estivales de la question animale (“The Summers of the Animal Question”) and the march to close all slaughterhouses.
Yves is an atheist who is critical of humanism, describing it as a form of elitism. He is a hedonistic utilitarian, who advocates placing sentient individuals at the center of moral concern because they have desires, perceptions, emotions and a will of their own. Yves was influenced by Peter Singer‘s Animal Liberation and is a supporter of Singer’s conception of speciesism, seeing it as instrumental in deconstructing anthropocentric morality.
Essay by Yves on Speciesism, Humanism and Sentientism
Documentary Interview with Yves (en Francais)
Yves on Wikipedia

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