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Fish Sentience! Free, online talk for the Sentientist community – 19 Nov!

Maddy and Klara from The Humane League UK have kindly organised this free, online talk about fish sentience for the Sentientist community. Everyone is welcome to join though! Sign up here…

In this talk for the Sentientist Community, Maddy Dawe, Campaigner at The Humane League UK, sheds new light on the matter of fish sentience.

There are many myths about fish, not least the classic ‘3 second memory’.

For so long we’ve known so little about fishes, with land based animals dominating our knowledge and understanding. However, once you delve into their fascinating world, you will discover many weird and wonderful facts that will completely change your perspective and convince you that aquatic animals are just as deserving of our attention and compassion.

In this talk, Maddy Dawe, Campaigns Coordinator at The Humane League UK, will shed new light on the matter of fish sentience, and disprove myths which have shaped our perception of our underwater friends for centuries.

The talk will also look at current fish welfare laws, and propose solutions to significantly reduce the suffering of fish farmed for food.

At the end of the talk, we will open it up for a discussion among participants.

This talk has previously been well received by various Humanist groups. Whether you consider yourself a member of the Sentientist Community, or simply have an interest in Sentientism and/or Humanism, we highly encourage you to join us for this event.

6pm UK/ 7pm Europe; South Africa/ 1pm ET/ 10am PT/ 6am Sydney (20th Nov)

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