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Clearer Thinking – about Sentientism!

I had the pleasure of joining Spencer Greenberg on his Clearer Thinking podcast. Let us know what you think of the episode and don’t forget to subscribe. He’s had some amazing guests. It’s an honour to join the list.

Clearer Thinking – with Spencer Greenberg
Listen to our episode here.

Clearer Thinking is hosted by Spencer Greenberg. Clearer Thinking is a podcast about ideas that truly matter. If you enjoy learning about powerful, practical concepts and frameworks, or wish you had more deep, intellectual conversations in your life, then you’ll love this podcast!

Here are the podcast episodes I’m aware of about Sentientism so far. Of course there’s our own Sentientism podcast and YouTube too. Why not help spread the word by giving Clearer Thinking and Sentientism a rating, a review a subscription or a like – or by sharing with friends?

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