“Breeding into suffering is the root of the problem.” – Sentient founder Mikko Järvenpää – New Sentientist Conversation

Mikko is a tech start-up founder and CEO (now​). He founded & is now board chair of Sentient – an organisation dedicated to making the world a better place for all sentient beings through journalism.

In these Sentientist Conversations (subscribe!), we talk about the two most important questions: “what’s real?” & “what matters?”. Sentientism is “evidence, commitment & compassion for all sentient beings.”

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We discuss:

  • Growing up in a political family (father a Finnish Member of Parliament)
  • Early experiences with animals on the family hobby farm
  • Founding Sentient & how farmed animal perspectives are neglected in normal media
  • Studying philosophy of social change at the LSE
  • The default state Lutheran religion in Finland, including religious education
  • Learning science, evolution, astronomy as a child
  • Finding religions fascinating & getting perfect marks in religious classes (great stories!)
  • Learning to read from Dungeons & Dragons manuals
  • The relief of formally resigning from the church as a teenager (w/ cooling off period)
  • Evidence & ethics as triggers for challenging religion
  • Reading Nietzsche at 16
  • Trying on different religions. What would it feel like to believe?
  • Is picking a religion arbitrary, like picking a sports team?
  • Being overwhelmed by the idea of solipsism at ~10 yrs old
  • Morality as something fundamentally social
  • Utilitarianism. Measurement, probability, individualism, rationalism as “western”?
  • Sentientism’s neutrality re: moral systems
  • Early utilitarians often did consider non-human sentience
  • Utility grounded in sentience
  • “My best friends, as a kid, were the sheep.” Making assumptions about sheep. Then being accepted as part of the herd. Deepening understanding of “sheepness”
  • Annual slaughter of animals you had named & known
  • Asking “who are we eating?” as a taboo question for the family
  • Constructing justifications for animal farming (e.g. denying chicken sentience, human supremacy)
  • Going vegetarian then vegan
  • Supernatural, relativistic, nihilistic ethics
  • Taking the perspective of the other (human or otherwise)
  • The indoctrination of animal consumption
  • Are the moral arguments for naturalism & sentiocentrism already won, it’s just that nearly everyone is trapped by social norms?
  • Social & cultural factors alongside individual
  • “Rationalism itself isn’t value free”. It evolved for survival/social advantage & personal narrative construction
  • Evidence can just reinforce pre-existing bias & social norms
  • Many things that are true didn’t & don’t seem to make sense
  • Is it dangerous to assume we’ll win just because we think we’re rational?
  • Humility should be at the core of naturalism
  • Changing ones mind should be rewarded & respected. U-turns can be good!
  • Strong convictions, lightly held. Deeply held beliefs can be traps.
  • “Evidence” isn’t just narrowly scientific evidence
  • Rationalist thought can seem elitist. Important to bear that in mind in advocacy
  • Is compassionate advocacy more moral & more effective?
  • “Do we (& veganism) focus too much on individual blame & responsibility?” Like standing beside a freeway with a sign saying “don’t drive”
  • Recognising the systemic nature of animal exploitation
  • Incremental replacement of cheap, tasty, available animal products via free markets (reluctantly)
  • Social normalisation
  • Removing govt. subsidisation of animal farming
  • Intersectional causes with animal exploitation. Many entry points & angles
  • Sentient is trying to bring those various angles to bear
  • “Avoiding the stereotype of the ‘cranky vegans'”
  • Individuals can also drive institutional change
  • Killing can be the end of suffering. Breeding into suffering is the root of the problem
  • Behaviour often comes before moral justification/rationalisation
  • Human morality is deeply social. It’s not as individualistic as “western” rational models sometimes imply
  • Freeing latent human morality
  • Most human food choices aren’t driven by ethics. What do people think “as their hand goes into the cooler?”
  • The limitations of human rationality
  • Can there be beings more sentient than humans?
  • Avoiding “just so” stories in evolutionary psychology
  • Did animals develop theory of others’ minds before theory of their own minds? Did empathy come before self-awareness?

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