“There is suffering – end it!” – Actress Victoria Hogan – New Sentientist Conversation episode on YouTube and Podcast

Victoria (​ &​) is an actress, film producer, writer, voiceover artist and animal activist. She has appeared in Netflix’s “Haunted”, the Comedy Central show “Nathan for You”, in various theatre productions & in the video game “Kingdom Come: Delieverance”. Victoria is an animal rights activist. She co-founded the production company Quantum Kitten. Look out for Victoria’s new Cosmic Creature app (…

In these Sentientist Conversations we talk about the two most important questions: “what’s real?” & “what matters?” Sentientism is “evidence, reason & compassion for all sentient beings.” The audio is also on our Podcast – subscribe here:​ & all the other platforms​​​​.

We discuss:

  • Victoria’s life in the performing arts & animal activism
  • Holding the concept of reality lightly
  • Our own experience as central to our reality
  • We’re not fully conscious of much that we do
  • Growing up Christian. Believing in god, praying
  • Ditching religion at 10-11 yrs
  • Being an angry, anti-Christian atheist in early teens
  • Rejecting the homophobia & freedom restrictions of Christianity
  • Exploring spirituality, Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism and holding them all as loosely true or real
  • Re-visiting some Christian concepts and finding it less troubling, while still rejecting where it conflicts with equality
  • The risks of solipsism. Giving up on knowing
  • Being sceptical even of our own perceptions and rationality
  • Can people have separate personal “truths” and still understand each other and collaborate?
  • The path from formal religion to “angry atheism” to a broader spirituality or a more humble naturalism
  • Is there “A divine source we are working our way towards”?
  • Does a broader spirituality warp compassionate ethics less than the idea of god as a being?
  • The role of intuition
  • “Most people I encounter are kind”
  • The bizarre admission of: “Without religion – what’s stopping us from looting and murdering?”
  • “Is religion really all that keeps you from murdering?”
  • How much wrong comes from ignorance rather than intention (e.g. animal farming)
  • Most religious people are more compassionate than their gods or religious books. Which is why most don’t follow the books
  • Maybe religion doesn’t influence ethics that much for good or ill
  • Grounding morality in the experiences of others (or something else)?
  • Having a very intense, ineffable psychedelic experience using DMT: The universe is relatively indifferent. Nature is sometimes cruel and sometimes kind. The universe values creation (e.g. having a child). The universe wants to exist. Suffering leads to destruction. Nurturing leads to life, flourishing and new creation
  • Is death intrinsically bad? Except as a cessation of life
  • Eating turkey at 12-13 yrs old. Having a sudden realisation that it was a turkey. Immediately stopping eating meat. Watching slaughterhouse videos and documentaries. Organising animal advocacy protests
  • The benefits of anthropomorphising animals
  • Clean-meat and plant-based alternatives. Fast, cheap, easy, available
  • The indoctrination re: animal farming and fishing
  • Veganism and “purity”
  • Sometimes the vegan community doesn’t feel like a welcoming group people want to join (even for other vegans)
  • Some people have medical needs that present more challenges
  • Engaging with compassion is more ethical and maybe more effective
  • Humans are sentient beings too
  • Being told by a Buddhist monk “Your protest isn’t going to work… You need to connect with compassion and help people elevate their compassion. Help them become better.”
  • The Cosmic Creature app concept. Gamifying ethical behaviours
  • If two choices are equal people will choose the more ethical one
  • Making it fun and easy to reduce animal product consumption. Reaching people who mainstream vegan campaigns might not get to
  • Maybe it’s easier to change behaviours than ethics. Then ethics will follow. But the behaviour and the outcomes are what matter. “First and foremost – do the behaviour.” “There is suffering – end it!”

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“Marx for Cats” – Leigh Claire La Berge – Sentientism Ep:204

Leigh Claire La Berge is Professor in City University of New York‘s English Department. A Sentientism conversation about "what's real?", "who matters?" and "how to make a better world?"

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