GM Skeptic

Genetically Modified Skeptic

Drew is an atheist, activist, science advocate and YouTuber at Genetically Modified Skeptic.  He says: “Skepticism and compassion can co-exist.”
In this January 2021 video, “Why I am no longer a Humanist“, viewed over 100,000 times in the first few days after publication, he talks about how a naturalistic worldview
challenges both religion and anthropocentrism. He describes his own journey from religion, through atheism and Humanism and on to Sentientism. In the video he says, “I consider humans in my moral framework because they have the capacity to suffer  – and now, I consider other animals in my moral framework for the same reason.” While continuing to agree with the core tenets of Humanism (evidence, reason and a focus on human wellbeing), he says “I do like the labels of Sentientist and ethical vegan.” He calls for the end to all animal exploitation, including animal agriculture.
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