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Evanna Lynch

Evanna is an actress, activist and author of “The Opposite of Butterfly Hunting“. She is best known for portraying Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter film series. As an activist, Lynch advocates for veganism and animal rights. She has been involved with several non-profit organisations and launched both a vegan-themed podcast (The ChickPeeps Podcast) and the cruelty-free cosmetics brand Kinder Beauty Box.

Evanna was brought up Roman Catholic but now seems to have a more naturalistic worldview although I’m not sure of her views on a broader sense of spirituality. She has said “I stopped going to mass a few years ago, mainly because I disagree with the rules… I don’t like anything that’s about punishing yourself and making you feel bad about yourself, and growing up I felt bad about indulging myself or doing anything for fun.” She has also said: “I never found a religion or a faith that was exactly in line with what I believed because there are so many things I’m not sure about, but I strongly believe in non-violence, that we shouldn’t be hurting other people or creatures.

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