Catia Faria

Catia Faria

Catia is a moral philosopher and activist for animal rights and feminism. She is a postdoctoral researcher for the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology at the University of Minho and is a board member of the UPF-Centre for Animal Ethics. Previously, Catia was a lecturer in Ethics and Sustainability at Pompeu Fabra University and a visiting researcher at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics.

Catia’s PhD thesis was the first of its kind to defend the idea that humans should help non-human animals in the wild to reduce the problem of wild animal suffering. In 2015, Faria co-edited, with Eze Paez, a double volume of the journal “Relations. Beyond Anthropocentrism”, on the problem of wild animal suffering and ways to reduce it. In 2020, Faria co-authored, with Oscar Horta, a chapter on welfare biology in The Routledge Handbook of Animal Ethics.

Catia is vegan, grants moral consideration based on sentience and seems to have a naturalistic worldview.

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