Alex Hershaft

Alex Hershaft

Alex is an American animal rights activist, Holocaust survivor, and co-founder and president of the Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), the nation’s oldest (1976) organization devoted exclusively to promoting the rights of animals not to be raised for food. He has played a prominent role in movements for religious freedom and environmental quality, including a term serving on the board of the American Humanist Association.
He has said: “My first hand experience with animal farming was instrumental [in devoting my life to animal rights and veganism]. I noted the many similarities between how the Nazis treated us and how we treat animals, especially those raised for food. Among these are the use of cattle cars for transport and crude wood crates for housing, the cruel treatment and deception about impending slaughter, the processing efficiency and emotional detachments of the perpetrators, and the piles of assorted body parts – mute testimonials to the victims they were once a part of.”
Alex on YouTube talking to Alex O’Connor (CosmicSkeptic) – also a Suspected Sentientist.
Alex on Wikipedia

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