Headshot of Peter Lewis smiling and wearing a hat

Peter Lewis

Peter holds a Canada Research Chair in Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, at Ontario Tech University. He is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology, where he leads the Trustworthy AI Lab. He co-edited the foundational book, Self-Aware Computing Systems, published by Springer, and is Associate Editor of IEEE Technology & Society Magazine. He has published over 75 papers in […]

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Andrew Knight headshot

Andrew Knight

Andrew is Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics and Founding Director of the University of Winchester Centre for Animal Welfare, Adjunct Professor in the School of Environment and Science at Griffith University, Queensland, EBVS European and RCVS Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law, American and New Zealand Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare, Fellow of the […]

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Mary Finelli

Because sentientism is the basic criterion for moral consideration, and all sentient beings deserve respect and consideration of their interests. Mary on FaceBook

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Katherine Roe headshot

Katherine Roe

Katherine is chief of Science Advancement and Outreach (SAO) at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). SAO aims to change the paradigm of biomedical research by promoting the development and implementation of cutting-edge strategies in biomedical research and training and eliminating the use of animals in experimentation. Katherine earned her bachelor’s degrees in […]

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Troy Hamilton

Sentientism takes John Rawls’s “Veil of Ignorance” to its logical conclusion: creating a world I’d want to live in no matter what form of sentient being I was born.

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Sam Battis

“All morality stems from the fact that sentient beings prefer some experiences over others. The purpose of logic, governance, and society is to cultivate the wellbeing of sentient beings, frequently by opposing or modifying the lumbering, heartless evolutionary processes that seek to dominate and potentially degrade them.” Proponent for Sentience

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Eva Hamer chained to and seated against a wall speaking into a megaphone

Eva Hamer

Eva is the operations lead for the non-profit Pax Fauna. Pax Fauna exists to design a more effective social movement for animal freedom in the U.S., using original research as well as careful study of social movement literature and the recent history of the animal movement in order to reverse the cultural norm of eating animals. […]

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Head and shoulders shot of Lori Marino smiling

Lori Marino

Lori is Executive Director of The Kimmela Center and Founder & President of The Whale Sanctuary Project. She is a neuroscientist and expert in animal behavior and intelligence, formerly on the faculty of Emory University where she was also a faculty member at the Emory Center for Ethics. She is internationally known for her work […]

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Colin Clark

Why Sentientism? Ethically aligned to the idea. I apply strong logical rationale, trying to avoid emotional bias. Colin on FaceBook

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Kathy Zuckerman

I believe I have always believed that all living creatures are sentient. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know this. Early memories are not reliable so I can’t say that I have ALWAYS believed/known this.

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Animals are suffering in this world all because of humans. The world would still be a Paradise if people had more respect, compassion and empathy for the animals. They would be free and living safely without human intervention and encroachment and cruelty. We are not superior to them. They have more soul and feel all […]

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Oscar Horta

Why Sentientism?: “For all sentient beings” Oscar is an animal activist and moral philosopher who is currently a professor in the Department of Philosophy and Anthropology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and is one of the co-founders of the organization Animal Ethics. Oscar is vegan and non-religious. Oscar on Wikipedia Oscar’s Blog […]

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Mylan Engel Jr.

Why Sentientism? Because every sentient being has the capacity to be harmed, and any being with a capacity to be harmed has a moral right not to be harmed. See my “Demystifying Animal Rights” for details.

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No sentient being is on this Earth FOR us, they are here WITH us. Their lives are no less important than ours.

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Benny Malone

Why Sentientism?: “It’s a relevant characteristic meaning I should extend moral status and consideration – sentient beings have interests that I take into account. That’s why I’m vegan.” Benny’s book “How To Argue With Vegans” @BennymaloneUK

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Katie Mack headshot - wearing a headset

Katie Mack

Katie is a theoretical cosmologist who holds the Hawking Chair in Cosmology and Science Communication at Perimeter Institute. Her academic research investigates dark matter, vacuum decay and the epoch of reionisation. Katie is also a popular science communicator who participates in social media and regularly writes for Scientific American, Slate, Sky & Telescope, Time and […]

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Christine Rose

You can’t argue with reason and compassion based logic that says we should treat all life forms that are self aware and can feel pain in ways that help them flourish and avoid suffering. Christine on FaceBook Christine’s Writing on Local Matters artbychristinerose.com Christine’s Tumblr Blog

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Alene Anello upper body profile picture. Smiling!

Alene Anello

Alene is the President and Founder of Legal Impact for Chickens. She graduated from Harvard Law School, clerked for a federal judge and then started litigating for animals. She has worked at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and The Good Food Institute. Alene is licensed to practice […]

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Chaitanya Talreja sitting in a chair smiling

Chaitanya Talreja

Chaitanya is Assistant Professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in the Centre for Regulatory Policy and Governance. He has a PhD in Economics. Chaitanya’s research interests include economic development strategies in the global south, structural change, economic development and regulatory policy, urban economics, and non-anthropocentric strategies/alternatives to anthropocentric value systems in progress […]

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Now there is a term for what I’ve always believed since I was a small child – Sentientism! Yay!

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Carol Gigliotti

Carol is an author, artist, animal activist and scholar whose work focuses on the reality of animals’ lives as important contributors to the biodiversity of this planet. She is Professor Emerita of Design and Dynamic Media and Critical and Cultural Studies at the Emily Carr University of Design, Vancouver, BC. CANADA. Her most recent book […]

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