Jorge Ortiz (Jorgenio Selenio)

We MUST support only the sentientist Artificial Intelligence projects or otherwise machines view us like animals and use us only how resources for his proposal, Sentientism is important to make a better world because we have sufficent resources to not generate unnecesary suffering. Jorge on YouTube

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The universe has no obligation to make sense to us or to aid us in our search for and actualization of good. Sentience itself wasn’t evolved out of any good will towards us subjects but as an instrument of Nature to keep on replicating. As beings capable of self reflection and radical transformation of our […]

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I’m a sentientist because we should not be inflicting, without necessity, great suffering upon others. It is that simple. We should instead try to reduce and minimize the amount of suffering — no matter who is the being who’s suffering — through, among other things, cultivating unbounded reason and unlimited compassion. Gustavo’s Freethought Commands YouTube

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Jackie Norman

Even when I was deeply entrenched in the dairy and beef industries for almost two decades before becoming a vegan activist, it was impossible to deny or discount the personalities, emotions and the ability to feel and most of all suffer. We are all animals, we are all equal and none of us should be […]

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Dean Edmonds

I have always been jarred by the differences in how we treat our fellow humans vs how we treat other sentient beings. As I matured I began to form my own set of beliefs, that our worth should not be defined by whether we are “human,” but rather, our sentience. My dog is sentient, and […]

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I’m a Sentientist because I believe in science and morality for the benefit of all sentient beings.

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Lucas Spiegel headshot

Lucas Spiegel

Lucas studied and practiced architecture in the U.S., Canada, and India before leaving it all behind in an effort to rethink what it is to live a meaningful life. Since then he’s traveled the world, started a philanthropic enterprise, Haven Hearts, and written a beautiful, compassionate book. Along the way he enjoys playing frisbee, making […]

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I’m a Sentientist because it’s the only way of life that makes sense. Meike on FaceBook

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Erika F Whitton

A species like ours – without compassion – is what it has become: a pathological, narcissistic, monster. We must change (go vegan!). Erika on WordPress

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Adam Cardilini head shot

Adam Cardilini

Adam is a Lecturer in Environmental Science at Deakin University. He is an environmental scientist working on questions related to ecology, conservation and society. He is most interested in: i) how concern for Animals informs environmental values and practice, ii) the environmental potential of transitioning to plant-based agriculture and iii) more critical approaches to how […]

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Karthik Pulugurtha head shot

Karthik Pulugurtha

Karthik is Managing Director of the Fish Welfare Initiative in India. He has a background in animal welfare & ethical livelihoods. He is a PhD scholar at the National Academy of Legal Studies & Research in India & previously managed the university’s Animal Law Centre. While there, he researched the unethical practices associated with industrialised […]

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Ian Bryce

An entire morality can be constructed out of one princliple – respect for sentient beings – plus all of scientific knowledge.

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Steve Sapontzis headshot

Steve Sapontzis

Steve is a philosopher and professor emeritus of philosophy at California State University, East Bay who specializes in animal ethics, environmental ethics and meta-ethics. He was co-founder in 1985 of the journal Between the Species: A Journal of Ethics and served as its initial co-editor. Steve was a member of the board of the American […]

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Poppy Permatasari

As a sentient being myself, I’d say I’m proudly a Sentientist. “Social oppression needs animals oppression” Realizing the roots cause of every social justice’s problem is the idea some species are better than the others. We always have moral obligation to do better for human animals and non human animals. Free them, Free Us, Free […]

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Ian James

I believe our views should be based on naturalistic exploration of our universe, and that the most rational foundation for morality is the suffering and flourishing of sentient beings.

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Humans have evolved to the most advanced order of Primates we are naturally sentient

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Coral Sands headshot

Vegan Atheist Coral

Coral is an aspiring writer, an animal rescue volunteer/donor & runs a bunny boarding & grooming business. She is an ex-Mormon atheist with a naturalistic worldview & a “meat & potatoes girl” turned vegan. Find our Sentientist Conversation here on the Sentientism YouTube and here on the Sentientism Podcast. @atheist_vegan Coral on YouTube […]

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Mary Pat Champeau headshot

Mary Pat Champeau

Mary Pat is the director of graduate programs at the Institute for Humane Education & faculty at Antioch University. Mary Pat has been in the field of education since 1979 when she began teaching as a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger. Before joining IHE, she worked in refugee camps in Asia & supervised culture & […]

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David Michelson headshot

David Michelson

David is an activist & chief petitioner of the Yes On IP13 campaign ( & @yesonip13) which aims to outlaw the harming & killing of sentient animals in the US state of Oregon. That’s without exceptions for animal agriculture, hunting, research or other forms of exploitation. Originally with a background in psychology & public health, […]

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Jessica Lohmann

Because humans are not above nature, we are nature and therefore must protect it. All living beings have a soul, even plants. @JessLohm

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Nick Pendergrast headshot

Nick Pendergrast

Nick (@NickPende & theconversation) is a Sociologist who researches social movements, social change & Critical Animal Studies. He is a member of The Institute for Critical Animal Studies, the International Association of Vegan Sociologists & The Australian Sociological Association. Nick co-hosts the Freedom of Species podcast & radio show on Melbourne’s 3CR community radio station […]

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Cat Besch headshot

Cat Besch

Cat founded and leads Vietnam Animal Aid & Rescue. She is also a writer & activist addressing many non-human animal issues. Find our Sentientist Conversation on the Sentientism YouTube here or the Sentientism Podcast. @CatBeschVN Cat on Medium @vnanimalaid

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Timothy Post

All sentient beings, including humans, have consciousness and emotions. We are all capable of suffering. Timothy on FaceBook

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